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Dangerous tree cutting, flowers and outdoor BBQs

Hello again!

I hope all of you are well, and are still able to enjoy the beauty of the spring despite the strange times we are living in at the moment?

Gozo is very beautiful at this time of year. It is an abundance of colour - yellow, red, blue, green,...

And it is beautifully quiet without all the airplanes, cars, people.

But let's be honest - we miss the diving! We miss the instructors around! And, most of all, we miss YOU!

Now I promised you to give you an update an all instructors, and there were still a couple missing. It has taken a little longer. Let's say, they -hmmm... were very busy and did not yet have time to send me a few lines... ;)

Now enjoy reading about Holger, Asbjörn and Malfrid!

Sending you warm regards from Gozo and stay healthy,



I have spent all winter in the "Great Plain" of Northern Germany.

Thanks to Corona I finally have time for my weekend house and its garden. Somewhere in the Nowhere, but with plenty of trees and enough space not to worry about any distance control. Social distancing in pure nature...

So let's get started and do the work which urgently needs to be done: cutting back the trees!

No sooner said than done and ... (see picture!). I think I should rather dive! :)

In regards to diving in Germany:

Even my house lake, Hemmoor, is closed.

Basic Freediving Instructor

But I was lucky enough to do my final exam for the SSI Basic Freediving Instructor in Todi, Belgium, just before they closed it as well!

Thank you, Antje, for introducing me 2017 to Freediving!

I dearly hope that despite Corona there will be a diving season 2020. I am so much looking forward to get back to Gozo, and underwater!

I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms.

Sending best regards to all of you all over the world!



Hello everyone!

We are both in Norway, and glad to say, safe and healthy.

Since the middle of March we have had a lot of restrictions on our everyday life. There is no complete lock down here, but like most other places social distancing is the new norm and has had a significant impact on our everyday life.

Målfrid is still working for the University of Oslo, as of mid-March from a “brand new” office at home (sounds familiar to you?) ;).

All of Asbjørn’s work has been cancelled or postponed, since home office and video conferencing doesn’t work that well for diving related jobs...

Normally both of us teach dive courses at Prodykk Oslo when we’re in Norway, but now there are restrictions on all courses that involve diving.

Luckily some of the restrictions on recreational diving have been lifted, so we can enjoy occasional fun dives...

...And when the weather is this beautiful even a post-dive BBQ!

Nevertheless we are looking forward to life returning to less restrictions, to doing more diving, and to seeing you all back on Gozo!

Take care and stay safe!


Asbjørn & Målfrid

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