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Updated: Mar 18

Hello dears!

Here we are again, this time with a little update about some of our team members who do not live in Gozo!



"Hello friends!

As most of you know, my family and I live in beautiful Switzerland near the Vierwaldstätter See, surrounded by mountains.

The weather has been beautiful and sunny, and whilst shops a.s.o. are closed as in many other places around the world, luckily we are still allowed outside as long as we keep our distance to others. I have been enjoying bike tours the last days to exercise and to get some fresh air!

Whilst in my job there is no work I can do from home, my wife is a teacher and is teaching online, and the kids have school homework to do online as well.

Nevertheless we are getting bored, and are hoping for an improvement of the situation.

The most important though is that we are all healthy, and we are hoping the same for you!

Love from Switzerland,



"I have stocked up our wine supply so in case this goes on for a long time we are covered ;)!"


"Hello all!

I am currently still in Phuket, Thailand, where I work as a tour leader on a liveaboard for Sea Bees Diving, one of our Quality Divers partners. We have had a great season, but unfortunately last week we had to close doors as well for now. It was an abrupt and premature end of the season!

But is is more important that everyone here is still healthy.

I will stay in Phuket for the moment and see what happens.

The situation here is similar to many other places, with restaurants and all non-essential businesses closed. Beaches are closed to the public as well and the land connection is also closed off - people here are real islanders now!

Take care everyone, and hopefully we will be able to “sea” each other again soon!

With love, Maren xx"

"Picture of me and a friend practicing social distancing on Black Rock viewpoint, south of Phuket."


"Hello friends!

For now I am in Liege in Belgium. Here I currently work in a supermarket. I must say that it is not quite as exciting as diving in Gozo…

Otherwise everything is fine, and the whole family is in good health.

Diving is currently prohibited in Belgium so I'm starting to go crazy.

To keep busy I practice another hobby of mine:

With a metal detector I'm looking for old treasures in the fields. To be honest so far it’s been mostly cans I find! J

I can't wait to go back to Gozo and to be underwater again when the situation gets better.

Bisous Pitcho xx"


"Hello there! 😊

Just a little update on me ... I live in the northwest of England near to the town of Burnley (those of you interested in U.K. football may have heard of it).

My husband Huw and I had hoped to be back on Gozo in July of 2020 and because we were not able to work 2019 we are feeling extra sad that this is happening. However, staying at home and reducing contact will help us to stay ahead of this pandemic.

When I’m not on Gozo I work as a special needs teacher in an all age, generic, school. This means that we work with a huge range of disabilities from moderate learning needs to complex and profound disabilities. As a result of the current situation I am currently on a five week rota to be in school to care for the needs of a small group of children whose parents are key workers and who can’t be supported at home. As a teacher I am trying to provide ideas for the parents of children in my class of activities that they can do at home. This is quite difficult as my group need a huge amount of sensory input - they need to smell, see, hear, taste and touch as much as they can in order to get a clearer understanding of the world around them ... but I am hoping that my families will find some ideas helpful.

Both Huw and I have mums who are in the ‘vulnerable’ age group and so we are supporting them with social distancing at home, doing shopping etc. As many families are doing around the world we are getting used to contact via WhatsApp video call and are having regular catch ups! Mum and I also have a horse, Ted, who obviously still needs to be fed, mucked out and exercised on a daily basis so that is a good reason to be out of the house! We are very lucky that we live in a small village so have lots of countryside around us and can, at the moment, still get out do walks and bike rides. We also foster kittens for the RSPCA and currently have an adorable 8 month old kitten called Tubs who has special needs of his own! He makes us smile all the time!

Enough from me. Stay safe and healthy! Love Allison xx"

I hope that you have enjoyed our little update.

We all are sending you love and hope you are staying safe!

Take care for now and stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Your Calypso Team

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