SSI Course philosophy

The SSI organisation gives you the freedom to start studying for your course at your own pace and freedom in your lliving room.

You simply register with SSI and start the academics at home. Please let us know in advance if you wish to do the SSI course, so we can activate the entire range of online training tools for you.


A deposit is required prior to start the online training.

Your instructor will be able to review your training online, and you will do a written exam (multiple choice) at the Calypso Diving Centre.

Your instructor will review the most important topics and any questions that you might still have to make sure that you have understood all diving theory.

SSI Scuba Diver

Minimum Age: 10 years

Duration: approx. 2 days

The SSI Scuba Diver is th eideal option for you if you do not want to invest too much time and effort into your first dive training.  The content represents about half of a complete Open Water training.  You can then complete the second half and become a certified diver at another time, anywhere that is convenient for you.


At the end of the program you will receive your Scuba Diver Certificate indicating the successful completion of this program. This certificate entitles you to take part in dives under the direct supervision of a Dive Professional up to a maximum depth of 12 meters all over the world. When you decide to complete your Open Water Diver certification, the Scuba Diver Program can be fully credited to your training.

After a short skill update you can complete your Open Water Diver rating. Entire diving equipment is provided for the course duration.

SSI Open Water Diver

Minimum age: 10 years

Duration 2-5 days, depending on online training


After succesfully finishing the academics, you will be ready for your confined water training, followed by 4 or 5 open water dives.

The whole training will make you comfortable and secure, so you become a confident diver.


The entire equipment and certification are included in the course. The purchase of the SSI manual is optional.

We strongly recommend to have finalised the online training online prior to your arrival. You will be then able to finish the course within 3 days.


With your SSI Open Water Diver certificate you will be entitled to dive to 18 metres maximum (12 metres with the Junior certification).

SSI Advanced Adventurer

Minimum age: 12 years

Duration: 2.5 days


After the succesful completion of the SSI Open Water Diver you can take the opportunity to try out various speciality dives. You will conduct one dive of each chosen speciality, without the commitment to do the full speciality course. The full diving equipment, theory sessions, 5 dives and final certification are included in the course.

Some examples:

Perfect Buoyancy

Wreck Diving

Night Diving


Deep Diving

The Advanced Adventurer Diver is your first step of contined education with SSI towards the Advanced Open Water Diver.

SSI Advanced Open Water Diver

Minimum Age: 12 years

Duration: -


SSI offers you a special recognition for your diving efforts!

You have completed 4 SSI speciality courses and have done 24 dives minimum?

Then SSI will reward you with the Advanced Open Water Diver.

You can choose from a range of various specialities with Calypso Diving Centre to advance your skills and knowledge, and to collect your logged dives.


Find a list of speciality courses offered at the Calypso Diving Centre below


SSI Specialty Courses

Minimum Age: 12 years (for Junior certification)

Duration: Minimum 2 dives


You can choose from a range of specialty courses with SSI and broarden your experience in different fields. The speciality courses listed hereunder all include 2 dives minimum . Further dives are at the instructors discretion,according to SSI standards. The entire dive equipment, transfers to dives sites, tuition and final certification are included in the courses. The purchase of a aper manual is optional, if you have completed the online traning.


  • Perfect Buoyancy

  • Navigation

  • Deep Diving

  • Wreck Diving

  • Underwater Photography

SSI Stress and Rescue

Minimum Age: 15 years

Duration / Dives: 3 days, minimum 3 open water dives

Prerequisits: valid First Aid and Oxygen provider Certificate

Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations and diving accidents. Through this course you will learn accident prevention, as well as how to handle problem situations if they occur.

The program is about avoiding, recognizing and solving problems on the surface and underwater.


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