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A diver with a torch discovering a wreck.


Rental of cylinders and weights

If you are qualified at least as PADI AOWD, SSI Adventure Diver, CMAS**, BSAC Sports Diver or equivalent, you have the possibility to dive entirely on you own account without a guide.

You just rent cylinders, weights and any other dive equipment needed from us, and do your own thing!


A rental vehicle, best a 4x4, is needed to dive independently, and is also available through us.

To dive unaccompanied you simply rent cylinders and weights from us and plan and organize the dives on your own. This will give you the utmost flexibility to plan your dive holidays!
Of course our instructors will be happy to offer advise as to the best possible dive for that day anytime needed.
To dive Gozo on your own, we recommend that at least one of you is familiar with the diving conditions and procedures here.The wind on small islands such as Malta and Gozo is not always predictable, and sometimes it can pick up and change quickly. With our rocky shore lines, the entry and especially exit can become a little challenging at times.Therefore, if you are diving here in Gozo for the first time we do recommend the accompanied option. It surely is an asset to have an experienced guide by your side who is familiar with the island and will be able to find a dive site which is safe and fun to dive even in rough conditions. Not to forget - you need to actually find your way to the dive sites first!! ;)

Cylinders can be exchanged anytime during our opening hours at the compressor room.
You can choose between single cylinder & weight rental, or a 6-day-package with unlimited air/Nitrox fills.

In order to dive independently you will need a rental vehicle. Please contact us per e-mail for info and prices. 

We recommend to rent an Emergency O2 kit, which is available through our shop (EUR 15.00 per day, pre-booking recommended, best in combination with a pick up truck or other lockable vehicle).
To read more about Malta's Rules and Regulations for Diving click here.

Two people in front of a pick up truck. In the background is the sea and country site.


All Rates per person.


€ 150.00

6 day dive pack including one cylinder 10 or 12 litres with unlimited air/Nitrox fills & weights.

15 litres cylinders are available at a surcharge of €3.00 per cylinder.
No surcharge for Nitrox!


€ 11.00

Individual cylinder hire for max. 24 hours including one fill of air/Nitrox
No surcharge for Nitrox!


€ 12.00

Individual cylinder hire for max. 24 hours including one fill of air/Nitrox
No surcharge for Nitrox!


€ 15.00

Individual cylinder hire for max. 24 hours including one fill of air/Nitrox

No surcharge for Nitrox!


€ 4.00

Rent per day.

For a complete price list for dive equipment please click below.

All rented equipment has to be returned to the dive team after use. In case of loss or damage we reserve the right to charge the commercial price.


Under Maltese regulations any guest diving with us, be it an intro dive, a dive course, accompanied or unaccompanied diving – must confirm their fitness to dive by filling in and signing a medical screening statement upon check-in.

The presentation of a Medical Certificate not older than one year which declares you as “FIT TO DIVE” is mandatory for divers who have any condition that could be a contra-indication for diving (i.e. any “yes” in the medical statement). For divers of 60+ years a medical check up before diving is recommend by Maltese law.

It remains in our discretion to refuse diving with you in case of certain indications. In general we recommend you see a physician for an overall check-up before you take up diving. 


Please find the Medical Screening Statement here for your information.

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